Practice Ice



As is practice ice

- Those who are not members of the current curling season, will be charged $5.00 (includes GST) per person.

- Junior curlers, 20 years of age and younger, will not be charged.

- Regular and Commercial league members, in good standing of current curling season, will not be charged.

- As ice availability changes from day to day it is important to pre-book your practice time. Non – members will be allowed to book 1 week in advance. Members and juniors will be able to book two weeks in advance.

- Individuals will be allowed to book no more then ½ hour of practice time. Two or more curlers will be allowed a maximum of 1 hour. Any amount of time required beyond this is considered a rental and will be subject to our ice rental policy.

- Ice conditions will be as is.


Game ready Practice Ice

- Anyone wishing to practice on game prepared Practice ice will be charged $40.00 per one and a half hours plus GST

- This ice will be subject to availability and must be pre-booked by calling 306-653-2811.

- Minimum booking is 1-1/2 hours, maximum of 3.

- Game ready practice ice can be booked 2 months in advance

- The ice will be prepared as we do for all league games.