Spareboard Registration

Sparing at the Granite

The Granite Curling Club maintains a list of spares, when teams are in need of a spare they are to contact the club and we will do our best to provide a spare from our list. Those who wish to have their names on our spare list can do so in the following ways:

By paying the full spare board fee which includes the CURLSASK membership fee, those who chose this route will become members of the club with all the rights and privileges that comes with membership. They will also be placed on the top of our spare list and will be phoned first when spares are required. The spareboard fee for the 2020-21 season is $125.00 + GST, and CURLSASK membership fee for a total of $146.25

By electing not to become a member and pay a $6.00 per game fee.

Lastly members in good standing of the current curling season can be placed on our spareboard list at no charge.

All options require the completion of the spareboard form, see link below.