New To The Granite?

You've Come to the Right Place! 


The Granite Curling Club is located in Downtown Saskatoon and is known for welcoming any and all. Regardless of your experience or skill level, we have lots of options to #CurlGraniteYXE

Never Been on the Ice Before? 

  • We have a great starting point. Our "Getting on the Ice" is an Adult's first introduction to Curling

Used to Curl or maybe need a bit of a "Refresher"

  • Our Adult Learn to Curl is perfect for you. This program will get you back in the saddle and back "Throwing Rocks at Houses" before you know it. It's just like riding a bike, except there's no bike, just brooms and 44 lbs of granite......


  • Our Junior program is designed to take you from never been on the ice to skilled curler. Participants move through the program at their own pace and help to pave the way towards being an every week curler, a competetive curler and above all, develop a Love for the Game.

Our Leagues

  • We have a variety of Leagues every day of the week. Daytime? Evening? Weekends? We have something for you.